About Us

Menokin Baptist is a very diverse church family, committed to unity in Christ in the midst of our diversity.  We strive to be a welcoming congregation to all persons, trusting that God's love is unconditional and encompasses everyone.  We have members who are self-described as progressive, conservative, and moderate, and many of us are seeking a new way of understanding what it means to follow Christ in such a way that we can transcend such labels.  At Menokin, no question is off limits, no person's conscience will be coerced.

In July of 1837, East Zoar Church was constituted; four years later a brick meeting house was completed (pictured above left), and because of the building's proximity to Menokin, the homeplace of Francis Lightfoot Lee (a signer of the Declaration of Independence), the name Menokin Baptist Church (of Christ) was approved.  Additions to the original church building have been made in the 180 year history of the church (pictured below right).

Menokin has for several decades had the reputation of being a "different" kind of Baptist church.  We hold to several traditional convictions of our Baptist heritage such as the authority of Scripture subsumed under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, religious liberty, an emphasis on missions and the priesthood of all believers.  Menokin has also tread the path less traveled by Baptists in other areas of theology, worship, and ministry.  We fully support the ordination of both men and women into the pastorate and the diaconate.  We recite either the Apostles' Creed or the Nicene Creed as part of our worship.  We observe the church calendar and are liturgical in the way that we worship.  We are open to understanding baptism and communion as either sacraments or ordinances.

We support the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and are committed to an ecumenical spirit in both worship and service.