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01/06/2019The Rev. Jason N. Patrick, Ph.D. A God Sighting
Epiphany Matthew 2:1-12
Download 02_-_A_God_Sighting.mp3
11/24/2019The Rev. Jason N. Patrick, Ph.D. A Scandalous Coronation
Christ the King Sunday John 19:14-22
Download A Scandalous Coronation.mp3
07/14/2019The Rev. Roy Ford A Story To Tell and To Live
5th Sunday after Pentecost Acts 7:44-48
Download A_Story_To_Tell_and_To_Live_Rev_Roy_Ford.mp3
04/14/2019The Rev. Jason N. Patrick, Ph.D. A Wahoo Championship, Dirk's Retirement, and Jesus' Triumphal Entry
!st Sunday of Lent Luke 19:28-40
Download A_Wahoo_Championship_Dirk_s_Retirement_Jesus_Triumphal_Entry.mp3
08/04/2019The Rev. Jason N. Patrick, Ph.D. Blood Lines
8th Sunday after Pentecost Colossians 3:1-11
Download Blood_Lines.mp3
04/28/2019The Rev. Jason N. Patrick, Ph.D. Choose Your Own Adventure
2nd Sunday of Eastertide John 20:19-31
Download Choose_Your_Own_Adventure.mp3

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