A Menokin Worship Service


Simple and Sacred in Spirit.  This is how we hope you might describe your experience during worship at Menokin.  We are a unique church in a Baptist tradition in that we are liturgical, creedal, and open to the sacramental nature of both baptism and communion, and thus all of life.

On our communion table, we have a golden cross that serves as a symbol reminding us of our victorious hope actualized through Christ's death and resurrection.  Two white candles are located on each side of the cross.  When these candles are lighted at the beginning of worship, we remember that the Holy Spirit is with us and within us.  A burgundy, white, violet, red, or green table runner helps us to remember the liturgical season we are observing or celebrating.  Our worship is centered around what this table represents--fellowship with Christ and with one another.

Worship begins with a deep, slow breath and a time of silence and prayer.  The choir welcomes the Spirit through the singing of an introit, and one of Menokin's members leads us through an invitation to worship.  We sing hymns, pass the peace as we welcome one another, partake in a moment of teaching and learning from our children.  We recite one of the great creeds of Christian faith, usually the Apostles' Creed, but on Easter, Trinity Sunday, and Christ the King Sunday, the Nicene Creed.  We collect an offering to serve God's coming kingdom and sing the doxology.  A selection of music is sung by the choir, a small group, or an individual.  Scripture is read and reflected upon.  On the first Sunday of each month, we partake of the bread and the cup, this Communion or Eucharist being our highest act of worship.  Our benediction is one attributed to Ireland's St. Patrick, "May the God of Jesus Christ go before you to make smooth the paths you are yet to see; may the God of Jesus Christ go behind you to pick up those things you've forgotten; may the God of Jesus Christ go above you to protect you from things unseen; may the God of Jesus Christ go beneath you to pick you up should you fall; may the God of Jesus Christ go beside you so that you know a friend is with you always; may the God of Jesus Christ go within you so that you will take his love with you wherever you go.  Amen."